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The cheapest way to produce electricity in Finland

Wind at it´s best


Wind is a renewable power source and is today used to produce the cheapest electricity in Finland. Modern wind turbines are powerful technical masterpieces and have become increasingly quiet. The Finnish legislation and authority guidelines ensure that wind farms are located in suitable and remote areas, on an adequate distance from residences and environmentally protected areas.


Wind turbines made for the demanding climate in Finland, today reach a capacity factor of almost 50%. This means, that turbines run almost half of the year at the level of nominal power. At the hub height of 140 to 160 m there are not really windless periods. The geographical locations of wind farms and especially the optimized places of each turbine are chosen based on the high quality wind measurement campaigns lasting a minimum of 12 months, preferably 24 months, prior to the construction of the wind farm.


The rotor of wind turbines reach 150 m in diameter and the total tip height reaches 230 to 250 m. Despite the fact that the technical development has been fast, we have not yet reached the end of it. In the near future we will see even bigger and higher turbines to enter the market and we will see them being built in Finland. During 2018 it has been realized that wind power indeed is the most efficient and cheap way to produce electricity in Finland.


Temporally wind power produces the most energy when the demand is at its highest. Wind turbines produce most during winter months during which both the production and the demand of electricity is twice as high as those in the summer months. The market share of wind power production is going to fivefold during the next 10 years, estimated to reach about 30% of the total electricity production of Finland in 2030.


Wind power is a decentralized energy production means and thus wind farms can be found all around Finland on the axis from south to north. The construction period as well as the operational period of wind farms create employment opportunities even in the most remote regions of Finland. Moreover, wind farms bring  high amounts of property taxes to municipalities, reaching  to about 30.000 – 35.000 eur/ turbine/ year.

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