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We are actively seeking new land areas suitable for wind farms


Megatuuli is co-operating with landowners through the whole life cycle of a wind farm. This means a leasing of land areas for 35-40 years, during which the whole life cycle of a wind farm is completed.  We manage all relevant processes starting from land use planning and permitting processes, the construction period and the operational phase of the wind farm. We know now from experience that the process of receiving the required permits for a wind farm, starting from the consecutive conduction of the preliminary investigation takes up to 2-6 years. The expected lifetime of wind turbines of today has increased up to 25-30 years.

Permitting , land use planning and the EIA phase cover the following topics:

  • prefeasibility studies 

  • land lease agreements

  • studies and environmental assessments

  • statements from third parties

  • grid and grid connection planning

  • road planning

  • wind measurement campaign (24 months)



Construction phase


  • grid connection agreement

  • turbine selection

  • tendering processes


Operational phase


  • electricity production 25-30 years


We are actively seeking new land areas suitable for wind farms. Please, contact us if you own land areas possibly suitable for the purpose of wind power production. These areas can range from hilly areas to any uninhabited areas along Finland’s coastline. We invite you to approach us if you feel you have access to suitable land areas. Megatuuli carries all costs related to wind farm development covering also the prefeasibility  study.

Contact Information:


Marko Sihvonen

Project Director



Tel. +358 (0)440 330 497

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Megatuuli Oy


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